Yel-Help Locksmiths is much more than just an emergency lockout company.  Chances are you might even be surprised about some of the services we offer.  For example…

Do you have different keys for different doors at your home or business?  What about locks that can’t be used because the keys are missing, or doors that might as well not even lock anymore because everyone in town has a copy of the key?  We can rekey locks, implement master key systems, or even replace the hardware to make sure your facility is secure.  We can even make all of your locks work with the same key!

Do you have a door that just doesn’t shut right, or maybe a lock that requires a special technique to open or close?  We can troubleshoot and repair locks, door hardware, and even adjust doors and frames to make things work properly!

Do you have questions about the security of doors and entrances at your facility, or might you be in need of an upgrade?  We’ve teamed up with construction and maintenance crews all over NY state.  Our experts can assist with installing new hardware and can even help plan projects by recommending quality hardware that will fit your specific needs.

We do all of this and more.  From mechanical to electronic locks, from basic residential materials to the highest security commercial projects: if you have a problem with a key, a lock, a cabinet or desk drawer, or even an entrance door into your building, chances are we can help you out.  Give us a call to see what we can do for you!